Gifted cabinetmakers are hard to come by, and Campbell & Strasser is truly fortunate to have assembled the select group of individuals who work in our shop. Each is truly a master of the art. Every piece of wood has unique properties. Every tool requires skill and practice to achieve its best effect. Enormous versatility is required of our craftsmen, so they can accommodate the wide variety of objects a custom shop is asked to build. Each Campbell & Strasser artisan has the deep understanding of material properties and the technical skill, practical experience, and critical judgment necessary to obtain the best possible use and performance from a wide array of specialized tools. Our culture is one that reveres traditional values of hard work, intelligent enterprise, and client service. We support our artisans with the tools, supplies, work environment, information, and education required so that they may deliver the very best quality and value to our clients. As a Campbell & Strasser client, the firm’s principals will oversee the crafting of your project so that no detail is overlooked. Our artisans take personal responsibility for their work, and to that end, they sign each piece of work that they produce. As a Campbell & Strasser client, we are confident you will realize the difference we can make in achieving quality results and the contribution we will make to your success.


Campbell & Strasser began more than three decades ago when former Bethlehem Steel engineer Marion H. Campbell founded a cabinetmaking enterprise. Marion’s woodworking experience began with summer employment during his years as an engineering student. He had a twelve-year engineering career that included design work for a fabricator of laminated timber, earning a master’s degree, engineering and field supervision for a fabricator and erector of major steel bridges, and becoming a registered professional engineer.

He started his own woodworking business, Marion H. Campbell Cabinetmakers, in 1976 when his employer, Bethlehem Steel, withdrew from the steel fabrication business. In 1988, an introduction from a friend established a connection with Traditional Line, Ltd., then a young construction firm specializing in the restoration of 19th Century residences in New York City. Since his initial project with them, the restoration of an apartment in the Dakota Building, the company has earned many loyal customers among architects, engineers, construction firms, and select private clients in need of fine architectural woodwork and cabinetry. Firms we have worked with include Robert A. M. Stern Architects, David Scott Parker Architects, Basil Walter Architects, Arthur Chabon Architect, and Jed Johnson Associates, Inc. Our work has been featured in such publications as Architectural Digest, The Old House Journal, Design NJ, and Town & Country.

Justin Strasser joined the firm in 2002. In 2007 the firm’s name was changed to Campbell & Strasser and Justin assumed the role of general manager. In 2009 the firm’s ownership was transferred from Marion to Justin. This arrangement has allowed Marion the enjoyment of semi-retirement while Justin and the rest of the Campbell & Strasser team to continue producing the same high-quality work our customers have come to expect.


The Campbell & Strasser workshop is located in Bath, Pennsylvania, a charming village nestled in a beautiful landscape of hills and valleys dotted with steepled churches, traditional family farms, and historic stone buildings. Established in 1728.

Conveniently situated between New York City and Philadelphia, a few hours north of Washington, D.C. and a few hours south of Boston, Bath is close to major trucking routes, interstate highways, and a short, 15-minute drive from the Lehigh Valley International Airport. This centralized location allows for the prompt shipment of product to Campbell & Strasser customers up and down the East Coast as well as across the country.